Zombie Tramp Vol 5 Issue 11

Zombie Tramp creates a flesh beast from cemetery inhabitants to do battle with the hulking meth monster that’s plagued her visit to Detroit; but will Motown’s supernatural defender Vampblade help Janey in her fight, or team-up against her? It’s a boneyard brawl of beasts and beauties, as Janey fights for her right to ease on down the road!

There has been a lot going on for our queen of the undead lately.  Between trying to deal with the uber zombie that’s been after her, and the recent new player to the game Vampblade, Janey has her work cut out for her.  Apparently, there’s not even any rest for the undead as we jump into issue 11 of Zombie Tramp.

Finally, we get a bit of resolution to the conflict between Janey and super zombie as she realizes he is in essence a part of her.  She is merciful, and more so, helps him get back at the drug lord who first screwed him over.  Just prior to getting that revenge, in typical Zombie Tramp fashion, Vampblade makes one more appearance, albeit a brief and fruitless one.  Right at the end, Janey tries her hand at a new skill, and amusingly enough, ends up right in the last place she’d want to be.

We get a little more Vampblade to check out, a lot more guts, and of course, some naughty Janey bits.  There were some pretty neat shots of hulk zombie that as gorey as they were, still did a good job of making you feel bad for the character.  Did I mention the naughty Janey bits?  Oh, yes, I did.  Yes, they’re in there.

This issue actually serves as a closer to this current arc, and I’m really anxious to see what happens next.  I’m very curious as to what the implications are of Janey arriving where she did, and I look forward to the next Vampblade interaction.  If you haven’t fallen for Janey by now, this is a prime time to do so before the next arc begins, as well as the Zombie Tramp/Vampblade mini series.

For more information on Zombie Tramp or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

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