Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 4

As Zombie Tramp stirs up trouble in Sin City she catches
the attention of its most legendary resident, The King! The problem is he “left
the building” three decades ago–so what kind of undead monster sits on the
throne now? It’s a buffet of all out high-stakes reanimated action!
The awaiting showdown has come in our journey with the
lady of the night in zombie mode.  In
case that premise completely throws you off, now would be a good time to hit
your store and catch up.  I’m hoping
though, that you are aware by now that I’d be referring to Janey aka Zombie
Tramp.  Will what happens in Vegas stay
in Vegas or is it time for Janey to check out?
With all the majority of zombie Elvis’ minions out of the
way, the moment for our super powered zombie faceoff has arrived.  It is do or die for Janey…..wait scratch
that.  It’s kill or be killed?  You get the point right?  Our lusty undead girl has to take big bad down,
and he has shown that he will not go down easy. 
Showing off her strengths once again, she serves him a big old plate of
Vegas payback.
Taking on the King for the finale gave the artist another great opportunity to show us their stuff.  The nonstop fight scenes kept the pace fluid
all the way to the last blow.  As you’d
imagine, this last battle has no shortage of violence and body parts,
illustrated in all its nasty glory.  Yet
somehow, by the end Janey is as appealing as always.  For a zombie that is.
Wrapping up the first arc for Zombie Tramp’s ongoing
books, I’ve definitely enjoyed them overall. 
It’s a morbidly fun story quite unlike anything else, especially for the
genre.  Although familiarity with Janey
might be nice, it isn’t necessary to have seen 
anything prior to her arrival in Sin City.  With this now a regular series, grab these
four issues and get going before the next arc starts.
For more information on Zombie Tramp or other Danger Zone
titles, check out Action
Lab/Danger Zone

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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