Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 3

Zombie Tramp has fallen in with the wrong crowd in her
adventure to Las Vegas… specifically, the undead clutches of the king of Sin
City’s sex trade. Now she’s being forced to wed the jump-suited monster of a
man in a private ceremony at the Grand Canyon! But in this unholy wedding, “Til
death” is just the start.
Now three issues into the anticipated (at least for me) ongoing
series, if you aren’t used to the idea of a sexy undead call girl, you probably
never will be.  It’s honestly still an
amusing concept to me, and I’ve read it since the start.  As funny as the premise is, Zombie Tramp
still manages to retain a dark, serious tone to it if you can believe that.
Our Zombie Tramp Janey is not one to let people push her
over, at least since she’s been undead. 
A zombie Elvis is no exception, and she wants nothing to do with being
his bride in the afterlife.  Having to fend
off against his cronies to escape, we get to see even more of Janey’s
impressive powers.  In the end though,
The King is stronger than she expected and we’re left wondering how she’s going
to get away.
With so much fighting in this issue, there’s no shortage
of nicely illustrated action panels. 
Along with this of course, is plenty of gnarly gore to go with it.  I believe I said it before, but getting to
see this book in full color was something it really deserved.  On a side note, I think this month’s cover design
is probably my favorite so far.
As the first arc for the regular series coming to a
close, I’m definitely enjoying how it’s been going so far.  I never expected a zombie title quite like
this, and the direction they’ve gone is really engaging.  It’s not too late to grab onto this title
while the undead are still fairly fresh. 
Well, you know what I mean.  This
is a good book to pick up, so do it soon.
For more information on Zombie Tramp or other Danger Zone
titles, check out Action
Lab/Danger Zone

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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