Zombie Tramp Vol 12 Issue #38+39

The battle begins as Xula and Janey go head to head in an epic showdown for survival and power.

What is it that they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well in this case, it appears that they are one in the same after all this time, much to the surprise of our undead lead role. I know that Janey is used to dealing with some crappy situations, but the one we see continue in issues 38 and 39 of Zombie Tramp is about the worse one yet.

If anyone was a little underwhelmed with the action in the last issue, then it’s more than made up for in these two. I have to say though, as much as I looked forward to this fight, it’s also a little sad to see Janey having to fight someone who’s the closest thing¬†she’s had to a friend. As I’ve been suspecting with content shown in Origins, between punches it’s confirmed that Xula has been shaping Janey since day one. It’s a job she’s done quite well it seems, as she actually does have to work pretty hard to keep up with her. Their huge fight takes a momentary break when the police show up and they make a truce to deal with their interruption. Naturally, they have no trouble with them and then the gloves come off as the fight resumes. Janey realizes she needs to do something different, and comes up with a rather ingenious plan. She gets her love struck minion to snatch up the demon blade while she pulls Xula into her limbo realm of darkness. There she is queen. There she is all powerful.

We should all agree by now that the artwork in this book is always pretty fun, regardless of how much bloodshed and DD boobage there happens to be. I think we would all also agree that it’s just that much more fun when there is a lot of it, and it comes back more than plentiful between the two. The fight between our powerhouses is full of crazy action, including throwing the ocean at Xula. Seriously, Janey takes a part of the ocean with sharks and uses it as a weapon, like a¬†freaking undead Shark-phoon.

I’d like to think that with Janey in her realm that it’s going to be all over for Xula, but I should probably know better. I suppose that just means that we’re just going to have to look forward to even more insane fights and great story. Isn’t that just a shame that we have fantastic content ahead of us? Sarcasm aside, this is turning out to be one of if not the best arc yet and I can’t wait to see the rest.

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