Zombie Tramp Vol 12 Issue #37

A special 3 year anniversary issue featuring story and art by series creator Dan Mendoza. Featuring. The. Most. Shocking. Revelation. Yet!

It’s finally here after what seems like an eternity of building up to this pivotal moment in the series. Unfortunately, it’s not a happy moment that we’ve been waiting all this time for either. Then again, how often does that happen, so why should the thirty-seventh issue of Zombie Tramp be any different?

To start off this arc, the majority of this issue was actually pretty low key and not much even happened until the very end. We start off with Janey tormenting her former pimp, again, so that’s old at this point. But, the road trip takes us back to the very beginning, the last place Janey was normal before she was turned into whatever she is now. As it turns out, another adoring fan of hers has been living here, but she actually finds his crazy love for her somewhat comforting. All this calm, including a nice sunset, ends abruptly when Xula finally makes her move and stabs Janey with that nasty blade. And so it begins.

Given what is going to be coming in the next issue at the least, another issue of art lacking in tons of gore and t&a isn’t bad. Let’s be honest, a lot of fans that read this look forward to seeing Janey in various states of undress, myself included. The thing is, even chapters like this where nothing is really shown still provides us with more pages of cool Mendoza artwork. He’s got a unique style that has served him well all this time and it’s going to carry the story no matter how much or little topless queen of the undead there is.

The fighters have entered the area and the stage is set for the fight of the century. Ok, maybe that’s overselling it, but the point is that we’ve got what should be an intense battle with very powerful characters ahead of us. I’m curious to see if Morning will actually pop in for this given her intervention so far. Whether or not she does, I’m anxious to see how this turns out, and you know you all want to get on this and see for yourselves as well.

For more information on Zombie Tramp or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

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