Zombie Tramp Vol 11 Issue #34

Xula continues her tests and obstacles to prove her worthiness to Kaiju Queen. But will she accept her final challenge?

Power is sometimes a terrible thing to seek out, especially as it is rarely ever shared. Some would go to any length to have it, even if it meant betraying those closest to them. In the thirty-fourth issue of┬áZombie Tramp, we continue Xula’s journey towards power and what it may cost.

Breezing past the first two challenges, Xula faces the third in a powerful demon, eventually taking him out after a brief struggle. She makes her way to the dagger, but also runs into another demon who has her questioning her worth to the Kaiju Queen. Upon returning with the blade, it is then that Xula learns the reason she recovered it was to kill Janey in order to take her power.

Janey isn’t the only one who can hack and slash her way through a book’s worth of artwork. This time, it’s Xula shining in the art with the intense closing battles on her quest. She also proves that she can also hold your attention virtually naked the entire time, not that anyone is objecting.

Well this was not at all something that I saw coming for Xula, and in turn, Janey. I never need a reason to want more Zombie Tramp, but this cliffhanger certainly has me on the edge for the next book. I can see this being another dramatic end to another arc, so be sure to get current before we get there.

For more information on Zombie Tramp or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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