Zombie Tramp & Ehmm Theory: Danger Zone FCBD

Are you bold enough to take a ride with Janey, the Zombie
Tramp?!? If you pick her up, she might just share the story of how she came to
be the street walking dead!! Be brave so you can be ready for her all new
series following this special issue! You also get a mind shattering sneak
preview from the second volume of the coolest comic series you haven’t read
yet… Ehmm Theory!
Free Comic Book Day plus Action Labs plus double feature
comic?  That’s one hell of a combination
as far as I’m concerned.  Even if we just
had just a Zombie Tramp or Ehmm Theory mini, I’d have been fine getting
that.  Give us a little bit of both in
one free comic though, and you’ve got a great little book to break folks into
the Danger Zone.
Our first half offers up a short look into our undead call
girl and what she’s been up to in recent months.  For anyone who hasn’t read any of Zombie
Tramp, you’ll get a nice tidbit into her history and some of the events leading
up to her current situation.  Wrap that
up with a plethora of blood and gore with boobs and glamour, and it’s another
day in Janey’s, uh, afterlife leading
into Volume 3.
Part two has us jumping into one of the many multidimensional
adventures of Gabriel and his talking cat. 
I’ve only had a small look into this title, but it looks like they’re
keeping it just as crazy as ever.  This
is a good thing for this title, especially when you include tiny zombies, Saint
Peter and who knows what else.  I can
only imagine what they have in store for Volume 2 based on this preview.
For those unlucky (hopefully) few who haven’t read any
Action Lab, and more so their Danger Zone subsection, this was a good chance to
do so.  If you didn’t happen to snag a
copy of this, perhaps a friend managed to score one.  Otherwise, these are both great titles worth
picking up and following.
For more information on Zombie Tramp, Ehmm Theory or other
Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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