Zoe Out of Time

What happens when a time travel device falls into the hands
of a rebellious, teenage girl? CHAOS!
The title to this pretty much gave away that it was going to
involve something with time travel.  Or
at least, it did to me anyways.  Then
again, once you see the cover it’s all the more obvious.  Even so, I didn’t know exactly what direction
Zoe Out of Time was going to go in specifically.  Lucky for me, it was a really fun one.  That is, assuming you can logically pair
direction and time travel together.  Ok let’s
not get into that discussion, how about we just move onto a review eh?
As a child who grew up in the 80s, I almost instinctively
love anything time travel.  The story we
have here is no exception, with our physics defying hero being a rebellious,
but still lovable heroine.  As expected
from a first issue, we mostly get some character buildup and background on this
book’s version of time travel.  Once we
get past that though, our lead character finds herself rather unexpectedly
starting her trip through the fourth dimension.
The artwork that fills the pages of this sci-fi thrill ride
is really quite beautiful.  Panel to
panel we get sharp art backed by stunning color work.  The only thing I wonder about is whether
there’s a reason behind it having a generally blue overtone to everything.  Not that it detracted from the quality of the
work, it’s more just curiosity as to whether that had a purpose.
With my predisposition to love these kinds of stories, this
one almost didn’t have to try to win me over. 
Regardless of my love for time travel, it would have still done the job
with the great story and wonderful art. 
I’m more than interested in seeing what happens next, especially with
where we left off.  I have a sneaking
suspicion of where it might go next, but we’ll see.  Adventure awaits?  Only time will tell right?

For more information on this title, check out Zoe Out of Time.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. Nobody went back in time and influenced Brian so far as we know and even if they did, all thoughts, opinions and comments are 100% his.

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