Zodiac #1

Zodiac Issue 1 Cover

Zodiac is Shadowhawk. Which is a Batman who kills. And I guess Merlin is a magic-oriented Alfred. Just forget the Zodiac name and the Merlin connection. I don’t get it. I expected more exposition. I didn’t get it, you didn’t get it. We aren’t loved.Zodiac #1
Written by Joe Brusha
Illustrated by Daniel Maine
Colored by Jorge Cortes
Letters Taylor Esposito
Published by Zenescope

Zodiac is a super assassin in the hire of Merlin following previously falling afoul of organized crime in Ireland. He is armed with un-named semi-auto pistols, short swords built into his armor, metal talons, and a rocket pack. It isn’t clear if the arms are the product of Walther, Smith & Wesson, or magic.

Merlin’s enemies, however, are using everything from ninjas to outright magic.

Knowing that Zodiac is a Shadowhawk retread doesn’t take away from it. Enjoy the fact that Zodiac’s kills are probably demons or demonic.

No spoilers. Like Shadowhawk, Joe Brusha’s story is a little thin, even when building on top of the previous installment in Zenescope’s anthology. Issue 1 reveals a number of baddies and a relation to an unseen uber-baddie. Even demonic bad guys have a structured organization and an HR department, I suspect. Happily, this story is full of action and involves other Grimm characters followed up with a compelling cliffhanger!

A criticism: we don’t really meet Logan O’Connell. In fact, the first time we see him is when he has been given the face of a child. I want to know the man behind the assassin. Is he the hero? Is Merlin? Is there a hero at all? That’s holding me back from caring about this character. He’s just less…bad.

Now, ignore that Zodiac name. Joe’s just messing with us until issue 2, I’m sure.

Daniel’s illustrations are high production standards to be sure. Page layouts keep you moving. The action is gripping.

But to the letters, come on, man. Taylor, Jorge—Neon white on purple gradient. Da hell? Instant headache!

I enjoyed the read and so far plan to read the whole arc. I think this is a safe buy for any comic reader into vigilantes.

I give it 3 ½ stars of 5
Look for it at your local comic shop or go to https://zenescope.com/products/zodiac-1
Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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