Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales: The Animated Series

If I
were to tell you that a powerful and massively famous independent comic book
series was partnering with one of the directors from Metalocalypse and The
Venture Bros. to make a similarly styled animated series, you probably would be
pretty stoked for it. If I then told you that the series would pull no punches
when it came to  adult content—read:
violence, nudity, and sex—and push the boundaries of even a TV-M rating, my
guess is this would only serve to bolster your enthusiasm. And finally, I would
tell you that the series would star Lena Headey, of Game of Thrones and 300
fame, as the main character’s voice, well I hardly believe you would be able to
resist the urge to kiss me or call me a liar.
Entertainment, an independent comic book company that started in 2005 out of
Philadelphia, successfully funded a Kickstarter crowdfunder
to pilot the creation of an animated series based on their popular,
long-running Grimm Fairy Tales series. The project reached its goal in May of
2012. The pilot episode is currently being screened at certain venues around
the country. One such venue was Amazing Arizona Comicon in January 2014. I was
able to take in the screening there.
you, I was excited about the idea of Grimm Fairy Tales: The Animated Series
for all of the reasons listed above. And I was sorely disappointed.
short, the pilot episode was just not very good. The comic did not translate
well over to an animated format. As advertised, the animated series was just as
crude as the comic. The breasts are comically humungous, the sexual
exploitation of “innocent” teenagers is a constant undertone throughout, and
the violence is right up there with an episode of Metalocalypse. However, unlike
with the saga of Dethklok which has a mysterious mythos underneath the violence
and sex, the plot of Grimm Fairy Tales is hollow. The story feels more like a
necessary evil in order to show the graphic violence and make sexual innuendo.
could be that I’m wrong and that there is an audience out there for such a
show. But I believe that the world has moved beyond flimsy storytelling for the
sake of animated nipples poking through impossibly low-cut tops. Sex and
violence is more than fine in an Adult Swim show (obviously!), but there has to
be more substance with it. It is my hope that Zenescope and director Jon
Schnepp make a few adjustments to the pilot and build a better show. After all,
the dessert tastes best after a hearty, substantial main course. 

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