Zenescope to Publish Jeff Kaufman’s Angel Falling

Zenescope Entertainment will be publishing a new graphic novel from writer Jeff Kaufman (Terminal Alice, Whore), entitled
Angel Falling. The title is scheduled to be released in September and
will feature interior artwork by penciller Kevin West, colorist Tom Chu,
and inker Mark McKenna. 
Falling is a hundred page graphic novel about Angel, a women who wakes
up on top of dumpster half naked with no memory of who she is. It
doesn’t take long to figure out that Angel is one of the most deadly
people on the planet.  She’s being watched over by Connor Jacobs, a
seventeen year old autistic kid with physical photo memory who knows
where they both come from, but doesn’t want to go back. The story will
spin you round and round as these two characters are hunted and forced
to confront their past.
Kevin Poling, from ComicWow! had this to say about Angel Falling:
Falling is a fast-paced, action-packed, thrill ride from the one and
only Jeff Kaufman.  From the first page to the last, this graphic novel
will fully immerse you in the world that Angel inhabits.  Once linked
with Conner, a child with autism, and a photographic physical memory,
there is only one thing a reader need do and that is hold on tight for
the ride of a lifetime.”
Angel Falling is available for pre-order through Diamond’s July edition of PREVIEWS Use order code: JUL131419.  For more information on Angel Falling, visit http://bigcitycomics.com/ or follow their updates on Facebook and Twitter.
Kaufman is a writer and founder of Big City Comics Studios and
Resurrection Studios. In addition, Kaufman is a nationally recognized
legal expert and defense attorney, currently licensed in 18 states, and
has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and truTV’s Disorder in the
Court: The 20 Most Outrageous Courtroom Moments. As a writer, Kaufman’s
credits include the graphic novel,  Angel Falling, Whore and Terminal
Alice (published through Zenescope Entertainment) as well as “The Con” a
Big City Comics exclusive, and 34 single issue books including Tempest,
Totem, Dragon Cross, Omega One and Image’s Ant.

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