Yo-Kai Watch #2

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel
Artist: Tina Franscisco
Colorist: Mae Hao
Letters: Christa Miesner

It’s the present and Snartle seeks his revenge, grudge on Jibanyan the ancestor to Shoguyan. Jibanyan, on the other hand does not know who Snartle is and has no idea why he starts attacking him. Snartle insults Jibanyan, which brings back a horrible memory and the battle ensues. Jibanyan, who is as much as a warrior as Shoguyan, defeats Snartle. But this battle is only the beginning.

This was a fun continuation of the series from the first issue. It had the action and a different story of Jibanyan origins. It was sad to see how Jibanyan had to achieve his Yo-Kai form. It was also funny to see that he trained like Rocky. I would like to see why Snartle has survived and not Shoguyan. I think there is a little lesson in this issue, Snartle has held onto a grudge for so long, but it was not passed down to Shoguyan’s ancestor.

Eric M. Esquivel does a fine job with continuing the story. He connects the Princess Amy to Shoguyan to Jibanyan’s Amy. There is a lot less narration from Whisper in this issue, but it is not needed.The writing is still good for a children’s comic with the dialogue easy to follow. There is even a little wink to Wolverine in a some fight scene panels. Christa Miesner’s letters are good, never taking up much of the panels. The bold and larger words put the emphasis on they words that are stressed when characters are upset and yelling.

Artist Tina Franscisco, with colorist Mae Hao does a great job once again with use of single color panels when the fights intense. I also like the colors used in the flashbacks. There is detailing on each image, but the colors were muted in the background except for the main characters. The colors are vibrant and good, and keeping in step with the color glow around the character that has been taken over by the Yo-Kai.

This was a good continuing story for these characters, I just want to see how they bring it into the future.

I give it 3.5 stars.

You can find this and other comics at www.IDWPublishing.com

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