X-O ManoWar #0

In the aftermath of ARMOR HUNTERS, start reading here with a bold new beginning for Valiant’s blockbuster hero as Venditti and Mann chronicle the never-before-revealed rise of Aric of Dacia – aka the unstoppable X-O Manowar!

Robert Venditti
Clay Mann

Billed as a way for new readers get into a series that has been running for nearly 30 issues so far, issue 0 of X-0 ManoWar is a digital only comic, that aims to act as a bridge between the current storylines and the new one about to kick off. In that was its partially successful, but still leaves me with more questions than answers.

Kicking off during the sometime in the 5th century, we follow Aric, a Viscoth warrior fighting to defend his lands and tribe against the Romans…that’s if he can stop throwing up that is. Aric is a warrior that doesn’t enjoy killing you see, which in a bit of problem when those that don’t aren’t likely to last long.

As ManoWar is a long running series you can guess what happens next, but I suppose its the getting there that counts. The battle scenes are pretty visceral and I was beginning to slightly feel something for Aric, before there’s is a sudden jump to the present day, where Aric is now in possession of a super powered suit and living in South Africa with a family and wife we’ve never met before.

Its that last leap that was jarring- I understand that there was a need to ground it in the modern era the rest of the comic is set, lest readers feel cheated next issue. But it’s really what also killed my interest in the comic itself. The flashback issue is just a bit too effective, as I would rather spend more time following that Aric instead of the cold emotionless one we get a few pages of at the end of the issue.

So overall its a good issue in that I ended up caring about the character in the past. But would I want to read about the different person we meet at the end, who makes up the rest of the series? I’m not so sure.

Cover image courtesy of Valiant

X-O ManoWar #0 is available from Comixology

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