Wreck It Ralph

I usually do not review movies for the site but really felt the urge to after seeing this one. Occasionally Disney will release a movie that will reach me on a personal level.  For example, I watched The Emperor’s New Groove the day before my 18th birthday and that was the time frame of the movie, so it meant more to see it. And now I have Wreck it Ralph.

My life has been an up and down of turmoil and happy for a while now. On opening night, I had my kids and we were so excited to finally see this movie.  Fun fun. Then, the opening scene played out. We first see Ralph, as he is worried where his life is, as he is approaching 30, alone and hating his home. Did I mention I’m almost 30, alone, and hating my home? Personally, I was so worried that the movie would continue with this depressive theme throughout.

It didn’t.

As the movie progresses, it just gets better and better. Seeing Ralph journey through different games, real and just for the movie, was a blast for both me and the kids. Oh the cameos! The Hero’s Duty scene is a great sequence of what happens from the video game’s perspective after you put in your quarter. It was so much fun “seeing “ what the characters have to go through during each battle. Just interesting things to think about.

But what made the movie great, to my surprise, was the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. I honestly expected to be annoyed by Vanellope. But, after watching it, how could you not love her. As the characters develop, we developed with them. It was more than just growing to like them; we grew to feel for them. There was one particular heartbreaking scene where my son was in tears and my daughter climbed on my lap and hugged me asking me why it happened. I couldn’t answer because I was trying not to cry. These characters, we just loved them.

Wreck it Ralph was not on par with Disney epics, but it could be great with time. Only once did I think that the movie was dragging, not bad for a cartoon. The only thing I would’ve enjoyed differently would’ve been the inclusion of more characters.

I’m sure my kids will make me take them again, or vice versa.  The combination of story, animation, characters, music, and (for the former 80’s gamers) the nostalgia and fun of searching for all of the video game references make this movie just a pure joy overall. Plus, remembering arcades that actually used quarters brought back so many memories. Who doesn’t remember the joy of laying out your quarters to call your spot on a machine? Pure awesomeness.

And, as a loving parent, Wreck it Ralph has to have the greatest last line in any movie. It just completely sums up why we willingly go through what we do in lives for the sake of our kids. And, hearing the theater break into applause at the line, I know I’m not the only one who appreciated it.

I also have to give mention to the silent cartoon Paperman that played before the movie. It was a sweet little movie that dealt with the pursuit of potential love but also had its cute funny moments as well. Any silent cartoon that keeps my 5 and 6 year olds attention and makes them laugh is a success in my book.<

With both films, Disney did a great job in turning a kids movie into a wonderful family experience.

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