Wonderland Asylum #3

Violet’s destiny revealed! 
Completely in love with her, The Void has revealed to Violet that she is
to become the new Mad Hatter, however she won’t go crazy like the previous
incarnations.  The power to restore order
to Wonderland and save her family is now at her finger tips, but there is a
catch.  If Violet wants this power, she
has to accept The Void into her life, namely through marriage.  With the Madder Hatter closing in and The
Void now holding her against her will, Violet is running out of options.  Will she commit herself to The Void, or take
her chances with the dangers of Wonderland? 
Find out, in this latest issue of Wonderland: Asylum.
Dazed and confused, Violet is now The Void’s prisoner.  Despite rejecting his marriage proposal,
she’s now locked away in a bizarre, floating castle.  Not a great way to start off the
relationship.  Things begin to look
hopeless until a flock of birds show up and tell Violet to tell her story.  They claim to be from a friend, which leaves
Violet more than a little skeptical, given she has no friends in
Wonderland.  However, given that there’s
nothing else she can do, Violet writes, in hopes that someone will actually
come to help her.  A bit of a stretch,
but what does she have to lose?  The
birds did reveal though, that “he” didn’t know she was in Wonderland, but would
help if he knew.  So, now we have a new
mystery on our hands as to who this “he” is. 
From what I can recall, the majority of Violet and Calie’s male allies
are dead, which doesn’t leave them very many options.  The only one I can speculate on is Violet’s
father, but I could have sworn he got killed off in a previous series.  Looks like the only way to solve this mystery
is to keep on reading and hope that all will be revealed soon enough. 
I find myself at a loss for comment on this issue.  There wasn’t anything bad about it, but there
also wasn’t anything that particularly stood out either.  Yeah, Violet’s being forced into marriage and
the Wonderland recruits are growing in number, but really that’s it.  It’s pretty much just a segue between issues
2 and 4.  However, don’t mistake this
indifference for a bad issue.  It’s very
well written and provides a lot of setup for what’s to come next, so don’t
count this one out, or you’ll be missing a piece of the action.  Trust me, it’s well worth the read.

Talk about a shotgun wedding.  Violet’s in deep now and it looks like the
only way out is to go through with it. 
But, can The Void really deliver on his part?  If so, Violet will be set to finally end the
madness that is Wonderland and give her family a much needed sense of
peace.  It’s going to be a struggle of
matrimonial proportions.  So, be sure to
pick up issue 3 of Wonderland: Asylum, the story is rather engaging.  For more
info on where to find this book, please visit the Zenescope website,
or the Zenescope Facebook
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer who, so far as we know, has not been kidnapped by The Void.

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