Wonderland: Asylum 2

After escaping into Wonderland, Violet finds herself face-to-face with a being known as The Void.  He claims he’s here to help Violet, but she knows better than to trust anything from Wonderland.  However, with the Madder Hatter hot on her trail, Violet may need to go against every instinct and accept a helping hand from The Void.  Pat Shand continues Violet’s tale of trials and tribulations in this latest chapter of Wonderland: Asylum.

The Void has it bad, and he has it bad for Violet.  He’s completely infatuated with her and she wants nothing to do with it.  I mean, this is the essence of Wonderland for crying out loud!  This is the cause of all of the nightmares and horrors that have plagued Violet’s family for generations.  And now, all it wants to do is get down and dirty with her.  In fact, the Void claims that they were destined to be together, which Violet isn’t buying one bit.  He may talk a big game, but she knows better than to trust anything even remotely related to Wonderland.  The Void sweeps her up, regardless of how she feels about him, and takes her on a journey of revelation, a journey that reveals new aspects of the Liddle family’s altercations in Wonderland.  Everything was by The Void’s design, all so he could find that perfect piece to help him realize his true vision for Wonderland.  The Liddle family has been nothing but playthings for him.  Everything that has happened throughout the Wonderland series has all been a result of The Void having his fun.  Now with the puppetmaster in her sights, it’s Violet’s time to shine.

This issue metes out the heart of the series and ties everything together and I think that’s what I like best about this issue.  After all of this time and going on this crazy roadtrip, we’re finally seeing what’s all been about and all wrapped up in one issue.  No more dragging out plot points, this is the whole enchilada, so to speak.  I’ve read some series in the past where the cusp of the story is prolonged over several issues, which can be exciting at times, but then again it can get a bit tedious too.  Sometimes, you just want it all summed up for you so you don’t have to wait a whole month for yet another tidbit of information.  However, as result of all of these revelations, I can’t really go into too much detail as to what happens, through fear of revealing any surprises.  It is well worth the read, trust me on this one.  Now that the point of it all has been brought to the surface, we can sit back and enjoy the antics of Violet as she tries to make her way out of Wonderland and away from The Void and the Madder Hatter.  The series can only get better from here and I for one am really looking forward to how this pans out.

All has been revealed now, as The Void attempts to woo Violet to his side.  Little does she know however, that as she resists his advances, Wonderland’s dark forces are at work recruiting more lost souls to fill its empty roles.  Everything is falling into place as Violet continues her journey through the dangers of Wonderland.  So, be sure to snag a copy of the latest chapter of the Wonderland: Asylum saga.  Consider yourself committed if you don’t.  For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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