Wonderland #9

seeds of evil are all around them and it’s up to the Liddle girls to uproot the
sneaking out of the hotel room, Violet and her new friend Harmony have become
the latest victims of Club Excess.  When
Calie wakes to find the girls missing, she can only fear the worst and arrives
at the club prepared, but not entirely for what she finds there.  Writer Raven Gregory continues his thrilling
tale of a young woman just trying to find some sanity in the crazy world she
lives in. 
So, it
looks like Violet has gotten herself into quite the thorny situation here.  Not only is she in trouble with her mother,
but now she’s fallen into the clutches of the Flower Girls.  Now, it’s up to Calie to bail her out.  Meanwhile, the Red Queen is having problems
of her own with the Queen of Spades, while trying to get her son back to the
real world.  It’s a true fight to the
finish as these mothers face the daunting task of keeping their children safe
from the evils of Wonderland.  However,
the children take matters into their own hands, proving they’re not as helpless
as one might expect. 
the series, Violet has been constantly sheltered by Calie.  They’ve traveled all over the country, trying
to stay inconspicuous in hopes of evading the threat of Wonderland, but with
this ninth issue that’s all changed.  Now, we get to see Violet in action.  Anyone
who’s read any of the previous installments in the Wonderland saga knows how
much of a badass Calie is.  This time
around it’s Violet’s time to shine, picking up where her mother and grandmother
left off and conquering the demons that came from the nightmare beyond the
mirror. I’ve always been a big fan of the
Liddle girls, so it’s great to see Violet in action now.  Three generations of ass-kicking women, I say
bravo Mr. Gregory.
only thing that I didn’t like was the one thing that always bothers me in
comics, consistency with the art.  In
this case it wasn’t so much that there were two different artists on this
issue, but that the look of one of the characters kept changing throughout the
story.  The Queen of Spades, who’s been
known to wear fishnets, starts off wearing white stockings and then goes
bare-legged half way through her story. 
I could just be nit-picking at this point in time, but for someone who’s
been with the Wonderland story from the beginning it’s one of those things that
just jumps out at me.
Issue 9
of Wonderland is action-packed and really shows the tenacity and fighting
spirit of the leading ladies.  With a
well-seeded story, this is definitely not one to leaf behind, believe me it
grows on you.  So, go check out the
latest installment in the on-going Wonderland series.  It’s not one to be pruned from your
collection.  For more info on where to
find this issue, visit the Zenescope
website, or the Zenscope Facebook
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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