Wonderland 31

Last year, Violet became the new Mad Hatter of Wonderland.
Because of her already considerable control over her power, she was able to
suppress the madness within and maintain her sanity. But what happens when a
girl whose destiny lies in Wonderland attempts to live a normal life on Earth?

Although, this issue is just coming out now, Wonderland
number thirty one acts as a precursor to the events of Grimm Fairy Tales number
one hundred one.  Violet is pretty much
on her own at this point, what with Calie being the new White Queen of
Wonderland and all, so she’s making do with what’s at hand.  Although relatively tame now, Violet knows
that there are still some aspects of Wonderland out to get her.  It also doesn’t help matters any that the
essence of the Mad Hatter now resides within her, constantly haunting her
dreams and leading to many a sleepless night. 
Feeling like she’s close to a nervous break, Violet ventures off to
Wonderland in order to seek out the guidance of her mother, but thinks twice
when she sees the burden Calie has taken on. 
Now with no one else to turn to, Violet decides to take on her troubles
head on.  She’s done it before, what’s
one more bout with Wonderland?
I enjoyed this issue. 
It was a nice look at what Violet’s been up to since Calie became
queen.  Erica J. Heflin did a great job of
getting Violet through her mundane life without her mother, while slowly
bringing her to her breaking point.  I’ve
always liked Violet as a character and enjoyed watching her grow into the young
woman she is now.  She’s strong and
independent and isn’t afraid to let out the crazy if the circumstances call for
it.  Now, however, for first time in her
life she’s feeling completely isolated with no friends to turn to and not
wanting to burden her mother with any extra concerns, Violet feels as though
she must confront these new demons on her own. 
I liked seeing her struggle with the everyday things, just trying to
make an existence for herself.  So, when
the madness from having the powers of the Hatter start to interfere with
Violet’s basic sense of being, we get to see what she’s truly made of and how
well she handles this kind of situation on her own.  Although a little late coming, this issue is
a great segway into the start of the new Grimm Fairy Tales story arc after the
events of Age of Darkness.
The Wonderland series continues to grow and evolve as
Violet’s story within the series comes to a close for now.  This is a great read and a good send-off for
the daughter of the White Queen.  Even if
you’re not a follower of the Wonderland series, pick this one up to see how
Violet ended up at Sela’s new school.  For
more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope
website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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