Wonderland #10

Once upon a
time there was a little girl named Alice who was sacrificed to a realm of
madness and insanity. But what if that sacrifice had never happened? When a
familiar face from the future journeys back to that fateful day to prevent that
very thing from coming to pass the resulting chaos and turmoil may very well
rip the reality of two worlds asunder. What if…Alice had never journeyed to
Wonderland? Featuring the long awaited return of…THE NEW CHESHIRE CAT!
Holy time warp Batman!  Looks like Violet is breaking the number one
rule of time travel and that’s to never try to change the past.  Somewhere down the line Violet has become the
new Mad Hatter, but it looks as though she’s gotten control over the dark urges
that come with the hat.  How she’s done
this is still unknown to us, but I’m sure that will all be revealed as the
series moves on.  She’s also being aided
by the Cheshire Cat, another anomaly to be discovered later.  All she wants is to try and make things right
for her mother, Calie, but unforeseen consequences just makes things
worse.  Her meddling definitely changed
something, but not for the better.  So
now here’s Violet caught in a bit of a quandary.  How does she make things right without
messing up the future even more? 
I really enjoyed the whole what if,
time jumping story line in this issue. 
It’s cool to see how Calie could have turned out if Alice had never been
dropped into Wonderland when she was a little girl.  I like seeing Violet taking center stage now
and really owning up to her…heritage, I guess you could say.  I honestly can’t wait to see Violet’s
transformation into the confident and rather powerful young woman as shown in
this issue.  I mean seriously, if she’s
able to control the Mad Hatter’s hat as well as the Cheshire Cat (yes, I know
that rhymed) then she’s gotta be quite the powerhouse.
Art will always be a key factor when
I read through any comic.  And although
the writing was spot-on and the pencils were slick, it’s the coloring that I
have a problem with.  Throughout the
first three quarters of the book, the colors really gave Francesco’s lines some
real depth and character, but then in the latter quarter, the colors just get kind
of flat.  When I see something like this,
I read it as a transition in time or place. 
That wasn’t the case however, and it just threw me off a bit while I was
reading it.  So, like I’ve said several
times in past reviews, I’m sure there’s a good explanation for the change, but
it’s always going to be something I look for.  
As Violet has learned, time is an
ever-changing phenomena.  One small tweak
and you could wind up accidentally killing yourself.  So, even if you have a DeLorean, or a police
phone box sitting around, it’s probably better just to leave them be.  However, don’t wait too long to grab this
issue or may just need that time machine to make sure you snag yourself a
copy.  For more info on where to find
this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. So far as we know, no time travel was necessary for this but since we’re not the publisher…. Either way, all thoughts, opinions and comments are those of the individual reviewer.

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