Wonder Twins #2

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist & Cover: Stephen Byrne
Letterer: David Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics

Issue two finds Jayna and Zan acclimating themselves into high school and with their acclimation comes the ever fun field trips. Superman has assigned Beast Boy to Jayna and Zan since they are Justice League interns. As they trade stories of shape-shifting they are alerted to a criminal that has just busted out of the Lexicon prison, which is own by Lex Luthor. The criminal is called The Scrambler.

The Scrambler thought he would be joining the Legion of Doom, he thinks that his powers will come in handy to the League, but Lex informs him that he will be joining another team, The League of Annoyance. Infighting plagues The League of Annoyance, including one particular villain called Barren of Blood, but everyone calls him Drunkula.  Poor guy is a recovering alcoholic, he drinks the blood of alcoholics which makes him an alcoholic. He is trying to stay sober, on his way to a 12 step program the Hall of Justice computer sees him on a mood move and thinks he is committing a crime. Jayna and Zan capture him and when they go turn him in, there is a shortage of space in the surrounding prisons. This leaves the Lexicon prison to which they just had their field trip there. The situation turns from bad to worse as they throw the poor Baron of Blood in the drunk tank and things do not end up well.

This is a funny take on the Wonder Twins and it’s actually a pretty good continuance from the 1st issue. You see Zan and Jayna immersed in high school; going on field trips, complaining about the classes, comparing their old home to the new one. One thing that Jayna does not like is the justice system on Earth, she feels that the system has failed humans.

I am really liking the series so far, it’s unexpected but as also of another take on The Hall of Justice in what happens with the different team members. I like that the twins are being introduced to Beast Boy as part of a Teen Titans, they’re sticking them somewhere doing nothing. They are also learning the ropes of being on planet Earth.

Usually, I start off with the writing but I really wanted to focus on the artist and cover by Stephen Byrne. I am in love with Byrne’s art; it is sharp, the coloring, the facial expressions, the shading, it is solid work. I really love the way he focuses on expressions in the lines, they aren’t too heavy but they’re not too thin either, it is just really just awesome. I really love this art throughout the comic and I am glad that he has taken a reign of one of my favorite characters that I haven’t seen in years.

Mark Russell does a good job, also, as a writer. With the dialog, I mean the premise is a little weird, it’s when you are reading through, the dialog and the characters especially the League of Annoyance is just funny. The story gave me the giggles, there are some dark undertones, especially with the Baron of Blood. It’s sad, but it’s funny and you can’t help but laugh, he’s really good with this. I’m glad they brought he was brought on to write for the Wonder Twins because it gives it a fresh take in you want to keep reading. I am falling in love with this whole story.

Straight off the bat, I’m given this comic 5 out of 5 stars, I gotta keep reading this. I’m wondering where they’re gonna go with this mini-series and I really hope that they incorporate the Wonder Twins into the Hall of Justice or at least the Teen Titans. I mean, come on, give them a break they’re orphans. They can be strong members and create a fresh insight into the DCU.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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