Wizard World Austin Wrap Up Part 3

I bet you thought I was never going to write this, didn’t you? Well surprise! I did!

Sunday’s are often the most dreaded of con days for a lot of people. We’re all exhausted, the crowds are thin and for some of us it includes a sadness that another time among our geek friends is coming to a close.  However, because of that, I try to be just as happy and cheerful on Sunday as I am on day 1 of any event. I’ve been told that someone being happy often leads to others being a little bit happier.

Since I had covered 2/3 of the exhibitor hall between Friday and Saturday, this allowed me to spend a bit more time talking to folks on Sunday. Per usual, I was there before the doors opened and this gave me a chance to hang out and talk with some of the volunteers. I love doing that. You never know who you’re going to meet or the stories that you’re going to hear. Since it was a bit of a slow morning, I got to hang out with a photographer who was super friendly and told me about his wife’s upcoming book and was just generally a great guy to run down the door opening clock with.

From there, he took me over to the Museum of the Weird folks who were also super cool and who are going to work with me to bring all of you a Places to Dine/Check Out in Austin feature sometime in the future. After that, it was time for me to get to work so I figured out where I’d left off the day before. Again that L shaped room threw me off, but being the smart girl that I am, I figured it out and started talking to people.

People on Sunday ran the board when it came to enthusiasm. I had the smiling faces, the exhausted groans and one particular company who was practically jumping up and down with excitement. These guys were awesome. Not only did we sit and talk…yes, sit. They actually invited me to come behind their table and chat…but we also just had a lot of fun talking about comics and life within the industry. Plus, they gave me a bottle of water. For someone like me who spends all day on their feet, talking..these guys were my personal heroes. I can’t wait to start working with them.

I also got a chance to talk for a few minutes with the folks over at Hound Comics. They were so happy that I’d dropped off those baked goods that one guy actually came out from behind the table and gave me a big hug. Keep your eyes open because I have a strong suspicion that we’ll be adding them to our regular review list soon.

After the work was done, it was time for fun. Okay, it was time for shopping. I had done most of my personal shopping on Friday,but I did have to pick up goodies to bring home for the boys. This also gives me one more chance to scout the floor for any cool new things that I might have missed. In this case, I’d done a pretty thorough job (go me!) so it was just a matter of stopping by the Zenescope table to pick up an empty box (seriously, those guys rock!) in case I might need it for packing. While I was waiting for that, I sold a Wonderland trilogy for them and then headed on my way. Yep, that’s right. I left the convention a whole 30 minutes before the actual end of day. This almost never happens but I had finished up my work and I knew packing was going to take while. Plus, I was supposed to have dinner plans but sadly, that didn’t come about. Dang life getting in the way of food and friends!

So, that was Austin con for this reviewer. My personal take on it? If you live locally, it’s worth checking out. There were some fantastic companies and folks in attendance. If you’re into geekery, you’ll find something to make you happy. Compared to Wizard World Ohio, they had a ton more panels which were well worth checking out. I honestly think that there was a bit of something for everyone. Will we be there next year? That’s still to be determined only because of the cost of travel. If we were local, you can bet it’d be a yes for sure.


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