Wizard World Austin 2012 Wrap Up Part 1

I love cons. It’s no real secret. Whenever I’m presented with the opportunity to attend one, I don’t think I’ll ever say, “No, I have to wash my hair that weekend.” Seriously, I love cons. It’s not just the fact that I love what I do. It’s also the fact that I just plain love people and what better place to meet new people or to people watch than a place jam packed with people who love something that I do. Ok, airports are also awesome but none of you want to hear about my experiences at airports.

So…on to the con! This was my first time ever in Austin or in Texas. I’m going to leave out the drama of getting there or the insane way my gps couldn’t figure out the road system in that city. I’m not going to talk about Thursday or anything that happened that day. Why? The con started on Friday. That’s why!

Friday started really early for me because they decided to paint the outside hotel walls right outside of my room window. The added bonus of that was that it gave me time to not have to rush like a mad person down to the convention center and I actually got to semi-leisurely enjoy an exciting breakfast at Denny’s. I know..I try not to do do chain dining when I’m on a trip but my hotel seriously couldn’t recommend anything local. Keep your eyes glued to the site though. I’m working with a local Austinian…Austinonian…person from Austin to put together a dining recommendation list which I’ll not only share with all of you but that will hopefully come in handy for next year.

After my gps again tried to get me lost and I rebelled and went on a hunch, I managed to find the parking garage and after making a new friend (someone who knew where he was going!), I headed over to the convention center. As with Columbus, getting my media bracelet was simple enough and I headed on into the show. The turn out for a Friday wasn’t too bad.

I have to stop right here and tell you that I love that Wizard World includes a comfy lounge area at their conventions. It’s a great place to stop and relax when there’s an available chair, but it’s also a great place to meet people because it’s right inside the doors!

Now, do you see who I see right behind the lounge? It’s my friends from Zenescope! They had a fantastic spot right inside the door and because I got to go in early, I got the chance to stop and say hi. Ok, let’s face it. I’m lucky they never chase me away. I stop by with the intention to say hi and ages later, I’m still standing there. It’s their own faults for being awesome. Plus, Pat convinced me to do my Zenescope shopping on Friday so I took the time to not only do that, but also to take some pictures for them. You know, maybe that’s why they never chase me away…I buy things. I take pictures for them. I pimp their things and sell their product for them…that’s a pretty sweet deal they have going there!

Once I managed to break away, it was time for me to get to work. I started walking the floor, introducing myself and talking to a crazy variety of people who were there working. Honestly, this is my favorite part. I love meeting new people. I handed out a ton of business cards and talked until my voice was all raspy but I still had a blast. I admit that Austin didn’t turn out to be as big of a show as I had originally expected it to be but the bonus of that? I get to finish my floor work sooner which allows me to attend panels and spend a bit more time talking with folks that I know.

Friday’s show seemed to whip by in a flash and before I knew it, it was time to pack up my gear and trudge back to the car..which I couldn’t remember which floor of the parking garage it was located..after a few wrong floors, I did manage to track it down and headed back to the hotel where I changed into pjs and had a bed picnic with my take out. ¬†While I envy those who get wined and dined and always have people to do things with at cons, there is a certain loveliness in being able to just go back and relax before preparing for the next day. I have a feeling that I should enjoy this while it lasts. I’ve noticed that people are getting to know me more and more and 2013 might not be so relaxing. I can’t complain though! It just means that I’m doing my job well.

For today though, I leave you with a few more pictures from Austin 2012: Friday…make sure you come back tomorrow when I tell you about the weird floor layout, what Zenescope is up to and just how many Pat Packs did Pat sell? (Bonus points for you if you leave a comment on this post answering any of those points or if you can tell me who bought one of the first Pat Packs. Actually, you know what? How about a free copy of Robyn Hood #1 for the person who answers the most correct. You have 4 questions…go!)



Until tomorrow…I’m still your roving reporter (what people started calling me in Austin because I didn’t have a booth..People thought we should have a booth. I love people.)

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