Widow’s Web #1

Set in a world that is not our own, the story follows Dahlia White, an unassuming bartender living in the strange yet familiar Tcesni City, where she attempts to balance her normal — and sometimes not so normal — life with the horrifying secret of who and what she really is. A balance that is thrown into absolute chaos when a down-on-his-luck guy, Pterra Atrus, walks through her door and catches her eye, turning her already crazy world upside down. A world where not everything or everyone is what they seem.

Where the fairy tale of boy meets girl ends, and the horror begins.

It is by far the biggest treat to sit down with comics that in were in some way contributed to by friends in the industry.  Just imagine how much more enjoyable it is when the entire series is done by them.  As long as I’ve known Raven Gregory as both a creator and friend, he’s hand his hand in some pretty awesome books.  Now, he’s back in the driver’s seat with Widow’s Web and the first issue is a promising sign for what’s ahead.

Our introduction to this series brings us to Tcesni City (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) and the mysterious world within.  We spend most of our time in and around the The Bad Barrel, a local bar where we first meet a multitude of the characters.  The most interesting and seemingly most prominent of them is Dahlia, one of the bartenders.  As beautiful and kind as she appears, by the end of the book you see a glimpse of the darker side of her.  Unfortunately, so do a group of teenagers out for a night of mischief which will likely be their demise.

Ah, the artwork.  The artwork does a spectacular job of giving us our initial view of this new tale of horror.  For those unfamiliar with Ian Snyder’s work, his illustrations of everything from characters to the terrifying environments is fantastic.  Kudos as well to Liezl Buenavetura on her color work, bringing the light and the dark to each page just how it needs to be.  Somehow, the art team managed to combine scary and sexy in such a perfect way and it’s killer.

Even if I wasn’t already on board with some bias towards this book from the start, I’d have been won over by the end.  To no surprise, the story that has been started here is already solid and the artwork is right in line to do it’s part.  I will most assuredly be looking forward to the next issue and so should you.  The Kickstarter is launching at the end of the month, so be sure to keep an eye out!

For more on Widow’s Web and Broken Butterfly Comics, check out Raven’s new website.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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