Whomp! Comic

Are you fat and alone? Do you feel like no one cares about you? Is life just a meaningless game, the only solace ever provided in the form of a cat? And worst of all, do you like anime?

Well here’s a comic for you! This is Whomp!

Hover over the comic, and it will feature even more words! The secret words for this comic?

“”Why would you come to my house and just start cleaning?” ”Because I’m your friend.” ”I don’t understand.” ”When people are acquainted with one another, they will often do nice things.” ”So what do I do for you, Agrias?” ”You’re treating me to lunch today to repay me.” ”I am? Man, I’m good at this friend thing!’’

Whomp! Comics updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, “even if you wish it didn’t”. The man running it, Ronnie Filyaw, is a very nice man. I tweeted him for McDonald’s chicken nugget advice once, and he helped me! Just don’t ever try to sneak him chicken nuggets at a convention. I have learned this the hard way.

So check out Whomp! comics on their website, and like them on Facebook. Listen to Uncle Ronnie. His wisdom cometh from the cup of McDonalds.

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