We’re Thankful For… TV Shows!

Each and every day of this coming week, we’re going to be telling you what we’re thankful for! We work hard every day to bring you geeky reviews and as we do that, we find our favorites…the ones we are truly thankful for coming across our desks, in our inboxes, at the theatres and everywhere that geeky things tend to sneak into our lives.

Each day will have a different theme and hopefully will introduce you to some awesome that you might have missed as well as us showing our thanks for the amazing creators that are out there.

The past couple of years have brought us so many “geek/nerd” shows so it’s no surprise here that the guys have their lists of favorite shows to watch be it via Netflix, the dvr, or for the lucky few who aren’t running completely scattered during prime time, actually watching it while it’s airing!

Let’s check in with Brian, Nikolas, Nathan and Michael to see what their top 5’s are!


1. Daredevil
2. Walking Dead
3. Gotham
4. iZombie
5. Heroes Reborn


1.    Daredevil
2.    Supergirl
 3.    Z Nation
 4.    Ash Vs. The Evil Dead
 5.    Arrow


1.    The Flash
2.    Daredevil
3.    Arrow
4.    Jessica Jones
5.    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


1. Daredevil
2. Star Wars The Clone Wars
3. Star Wars Rebels
4. Phineas & Ferb
5. Turn

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