Welcome to Ralton #1-3

By Don Rosencrans, with Cole Johnson

Reno Sanders is a simple man with a wife and kid trying to live an ordinary life on his land outside of Ralton City, even though his life has taken a turn for the unordinary.

On a sunny spring day in 1987, Reno Sanders is enjoying a day at the mall with his wife and daughter. Mangus, the devil-man of local legend, is on the hunt for Reno to tell him about a strange new world that he’s unknowingly a part of due to the mysterious object that attached itself to his chest when he was a teenager. Being the quick-to-anger type that he is, Reno of course mistakes Mangus’ intentions at first.

But what follows will be tales of unimaginable heights as Reno tries to balance his professional and family life with that of his new friend Mangus.



The Good:

I was given the opportunity to read Welcome to Ralton and I have to say that it was some good fun action packed reading. The dialogue between the characters has been well written for the most part and the action scenes were easy to follow. The main character Reno Sanders is easy to like. What’s an even more fun character is the devil, Mangus, that helps Reno discover and control his powers along the way. The dialogue especially between Mangus and Reno is very good. The back drops and the panels all flow really well in this comic. That might be one of the bests things to say about about Welcome to Reno.The story thus far has kept me intrigued and looking forward to the next issue.

The Bad:

My biggest issue with the comic might be how the heads/faces are drawn. Large jaws and extremely wide eyes with next to no cranium. This is something that I will nit pick about within this comic since the comic itself is done so well overall.There are a few scenes that the dialogue is a bit off. Only a few though and they are only noticeable because of how well the comic reads overall. Again I’m nit picking here because the book is done so well.


Welcome to Ralton looks promising. Three issues into it and I am looking forward to getting my hands on issue 4. With devils who actually help people, ex cons with bad intentions and a strong fun main character Welcome to Ralton is sure to keep you entertained!

Available now at New World Comics in Oklahoma City, OK and online. Check these guys out at welcometoralton.wix.com!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of these books for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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