Wait, What?

Wait What? cover

I’m just going to start trashing this because this is not a comic book! You can hate me now or later.

Wait, What?
Written and illustrated by Heather Corinna and Isabella Rotman
Colored by Luke B. Howard
Published by Limerence Press

This is not a comic book. It’s a text book written at the first grade level. It could be the companion to a sex-ed class somewhere, I guess. Good for them.

It is big pharma-friendly and does a poor job of explaining risks and dangers to kids.

Their audience? I guess it’s for parents because no kid is putting down their phone or vape pen. Kids already don’t give two craps for reading or any book you hand them. They will toss it and hurt the environment. But maybe you need it as a parent.

Parents can follow Wait, What? as an outline for what to discuss with their children about sex. Oh, I didn’t mention that this is primarily a book on introducing your late bloomer to sex. You watching streaming shows with TNA in front of the kids? You’ve done your part, champ. Screw the environment! Now, you can toss it, too.

It will not tell them that there are risks to STD vaccines and contraceptives. The reader is assumed to have enough knowledge and ambition to go research these things independently. Your future adult basement inhabitant that is on the vapes and playing fortnight. Drug companies will love this.

(HINT: Now, if you really don’t know about anything, tell your kid the birth control pills that are given out are probably under-powered. That causes what I like to call teenage pregnancy.)

Since you already paid your taxes for the sex-ed classes that junior is blowing off, skip on this. Still need something as a crutch? Seriously, I would go to Focus on the Family. They do a better job.

Now some flip side. This pamphlet is a gateway drug to the scarleteen website. It’s a site that has a lot of home page real estate devoted to homosexuality. If you are having problems with supporting homosexuality and have nowhere else to turn then give them a look.

Should you find yourself shy of the moral fortitude to raise your own kids, skip the comic shop and go to Limerence Press. Or better yet, schedule a visit to the pediatrician.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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