Voracious: Feeding Time #2-5

Nate and Jenna finally have a heart-to-heart about their relationship, Starlee ponders a future away from Blackfossil, and the tables turn on Captain Jim and Nate as they become the hunted.

Sometimes it just comes down to grabbing a bunch of issues and doing some catching up. Both this series and this second set of issues were ones I was very happy to return to after a bit of delay. Continuing the story and concluding this volume, it’s Voracious: Feeding Time with issues two through five.

After previously mentioned the heart-to-heart, Starlee and Jenna end up meeting and seem to get along. In the parallel universe, Jim and Nate are in the middle of hunting where the dinosaur detectives catch them. Try as they may to escape, Nate is eventually overpowered and taken in, with Jim’s fate unknown. Later on, Detectives Gus and Owen begin to interrogate Nate to find out what’s going on. After explaining that to him that their citizens, Saurians, are disappearing, it is then that Nate realizes the consequences of his actions. Enraged, Owen attacks Nate and practically bites his arm off in the process. Believing Nate’s actions to not be intentionally harmful, Gus wants his help to try and fix things. That’s not the only problem though, as Owen ends up stealing the warp suit to go to our dimension for revenge.

Taking Nate to his home for safety, Gus pleas with him to attempt to repair the damage to the timeline. To add to the pressure, the Saurian scientists have discovered that apparently ingesting human flesh is causing Owen to go primal. Back on Earth, Starlee and Jenna continue to socialize, even getting some backstory on Nate and why Don is such a jerk. The last issue finally gives us some of the crazy origins of how this all started with Maribel and her visitor from another dimension.  Back in dinoland, Nate and Gus begin working on a plan when Jim attacks Gus, unaware of their truce. Once Nate explains everything, the three make their way back to Earth.

A large part of what made the artistic side of this volume so cool were all of the Saurian content and their world. Even not factoring in all of those great designs though, we had a lot more action than I think we’ve ever had so far. Couple all that with a whole lot of sci-fi tech goodness, and this was an incredibly appealing handful of issues.

While I can’t avoid getting behind on some titles, this was completely worth taking the time to get current. This book has expanded way beyond anything I could have guessed at the beginning. Whether you’re stuffing yourself all at once with multiple issues or pacing your read, this second volume is another fine meal.

For more information on the Voracious comics or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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