Voracious: Feeding Time #1

VORACIOUS: Feeding Time picks up right where the hit series, VORACIOUS, left off! Chef Nate Willner hunts dinosaurs in the past and secretly serves them at his restaurant in the present. But unbeknownst to him, he’ s actually been hunting in an alternate reality –a world where dinosaurs evolve into Saurians, a technologically advanced race that rules the far future! Some of these Saurians have mysteriously started disappearing from Cretaceous City and the local authorities are not happy about it…

Had dinosaurs not been wiped off the face of the planet millions of years ago, what could they have become? Evolution could have pointed them in a direction we could hardly even fathom, maybe even replacing us as the dominant species. Leaping right back into issue one of Voracious: Feeding Time, we’ll look at just what that could have been like.

Somewhere in a parallel universe, dinosaurs still reign and are more like us than their primitive beginnings. A pair of dino detectives are right in the middle of an investigation into the disappearance of these evolved creatures. Theorizing it’s the effects of time travel, the government sends this duo off using prototype technology to track the time-space disturbance. And what do you know, they land in the more primitive world of dinosaurs where they find Nate blindly hunting them down to make a profit.

It’s good to see the same artistic talent return for this new series and take it up to another level. With the focus here almost exclusively on the Saurian world of dinosaurs, they really got a chance to shine with the humanoid character designs. Not only that, but this reality is pretty advanced, so mix that with some high tech scenery and it’s some really awesome new pages of artwork.

With what we saw at the end of the first arc, we knew that Nate’s actions had far worse consequences than he could even realize, even he even thought about it. This was such a powerful way to bring us back into the story and I am ready for more. Bring on course two, three, however many I can get, and do yourself the favor of getting your own taste of it.


For more information on the Voracious comics or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

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