Voodoo Nations #1

RJ and her husband Brent travel deep into Voodoo strongholds around the world, trying to restore Brent’s humanity. This dark and haunting journey will challenge their faith, marriage, and worldview.

Life, death, and the supernatural await them in the dark and sinister world of VOODOO NATIONS.

Writer: Travis Gibb

Artist: Luke Stone

Colors: Alan Emmanual

Letters: Jerome Gagnon

Editor: Andrea Molinari


The Good:

This is the first comic that I’ve read in probably six months or more. Between Covid and life, I just haven’t felt like diving into anything because I feel as if I should review everything. I guess that comes from ten plus years of reviewing. What does that have to do with this comic? The pure hype that was built up during the Kickstarter campaign got me super excited about jumping onboard to support it and then to read it. In fact, it only arrived today and I’ve read not only the issue, but also the ashcan that came with it.

So, what did I love? The art is spectacular. Luke is a talented artist and when combined with Alan’s colors, the pages pop when they’re supposed to and don’t when they aren’t. Travis is also a skilled storyteller and this first issue teases us in just the right places while giving the reader enough substance to really cause you to want to keep reading.

The Bad:

Hmm…This really took some thinking, but I was a bit weirded out by how they showed that the speaker was speaking in another language. It’s entirely possible that this is the standard way of doing this. I haven’t read many comics written in English where the character was speaking in another language, but the “book” was translated to English, if that makes sense. The only other thing and this is nitpicking to the extreme, but I saw a missed comma. See? Like super nitpicky.

The Summary:

Absolutely smashing first issue of a five issue series. I already know that I’ll be backing the Kickstarter for Issue #2 when it comes out. Everything is so well balanced which I love. There’s substance, there’s great art, there’s mystery as to what will happen next. What should happen next for all of you is to go find this book, buy it, and then save your pennies for Issue #2. As of this post, I’m not sure yet where this book is available, but if I get an update, I’ll update you right here. Otherwise, I would reach out to Travis or Luke on social media to see how you can get this book into your hands.





This book was purchased with Katrina’s own dollars. All thoughts, comments, and opinions belong totally to her because she’s not a brainwashed zombie.

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