Vindication TPB

Vindication TPB coverA crime mystery where a black man faces off with the cop that sent him to prison.

Vindication TPB
Written by MD Marie
Penciled by Carlos Miko
Inked by Dema Jr.
Colored by Thiago Goncalves
Lettered by Troy Peteri
Published by Image Comics
Genre: crime, mystery
124 pages

Synopsis: Detective Chip Christopher maneuvers the blurred blue line between racism and due diligence in order to do his job of investigating Turn, a young black man with a sketchy past who was exonerated of a similar previous murder. Turn is freshly out of prison. And when another victim is murdered, Detective Christopher is determined to see him convicted again. But this time Turn is older, wiser, and determined not to go back to prison. Collects VINDICATION #1-4

I enjoyed the four issue yarn and it’s an easy read. There are enough details that you almost have to keep notes. Almost.

Questions arise along with deflections and plot complications. Answers to those questions have to be solved. As the reader we can see the big picture forming, but the characters frustratingly can’t. I like that device as it urges you on through character development.

Racism plays a silent hand in the story as the cop Christopher is blindly steeped in it. Turn can’t accept Christopher tries to break from the bigotry and in a climactic scene he beats the hell out of Christopher.

The realness of the characters, the world, and the draw of the murder make it a buy.

On the other hand, the mystery is pretty bare and full of tropes. MD Marie keeps a strong definition of each character from the beginning to the end. The largest pitfalls are questions that remain unanswered and unbelievable elements. Why did Turn willingly go to prison for ten years? Why didn’t the police just arrest the murderer when, well—damn—it’s obvious? And then we find out that the detective and Turn played football together before the arrest. Thin.

Carlos Miko’s art is easy to look at but there is a crap ton of copy and paste work here. Put simply I buy comics to see art drawn by human hands. Three identical panels at different zooms is nothing but lazy. Even children loose interest in such a book.

Not to pile on Carlos but I will add that the characters look too much alike. All the white guys are drawn alike, the black guys, the women, too. Don’t confuse the reader.

The drawbacks pull an otherwise excellent book down to just about an average one.

I give Vindication TPB 3 1/2 stars of 5.

Look for it in your local comic shop or get it online.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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