Very Near Mint Vol. 1

Sam Jones and Colin Turner own the Splash Page, a pretty rad comic shop. They have a new employee, Nate, and Colin’s ex-girlfriend, Mackenzie, is back in town. Everything seems like it’s pretty great. That is, until this week’s new comics don’t show up, and a rival comic book shop opens across the street, and all hell breaks loose.

The Good
How could I not enjoy a book like this as a comic fan and all around geek?  It’s practically a graphic novel of “a day in the life of comic shop owners”, but with an interesting fictional book twist.  I personally appreciated what I felt was a Clerks influence, in both characters and humor.  I also like that it does a good job of taking stereotypes from comic fandom but not overdoing it.

The Bad
It’s too soon to make any overall opinions of course, but thus far I haven’t found anything I wasn’t keen on.

The Summary
After reading Volume 1, I can honestly say I wish I had known about it during its infancy so I could have possibly funded the Kickstarter.  Even though I try not to make judgements so early, I think Very Near Mint is a series I could find myself a fan of.  The amusing story line backed by the clean art have set a good foundation right from the start.

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