Venus Rises: Exordium #1

J.G. Birdsall (writing, conception), Thomas Garbarini (illustrations)

In the near future, Earth is devastated by a chain of cataclysmic events leading to a pandemic collapse of governments. The human race narrowly escapes Earth with technology amassed by mega-corporations, and colonizes Mars and Venus. As Venus becomes home to the working class, and Mars the seat of power, long-running political and cultural clashes return. Talk of revolution permeates the ether. Humankind finds itself once again at the crossroads of extinction as… VENUS RISES.

This issue introduces two sets of characters: First, some of the Shirokawa Company on Mars, focusing on one man who seemingly wants to get off of Mars, though the planet is painted as some sort of utopia to those who don’t live there. Second, the crew of the Cattywompus, a salvage vessel owned by the Shirokawa Corp.

There’s not a lot of substantive story here. Instead, there’s a lot of set up and a small bit about the history of how the world arrived at this point. Still, the writing is solid, and it’s enough to make me wonder what the next part is and where the story is heading. The characters have semi-distinct voices (something I think can and hopefully will be more defined later on with more character focus and less set up).

The technical focus here is interesting, and it seems to me that the writers did at least some homework on how things might work in space (admittedly, I have no knowledge of this subject, so I could be off base, but it was convincing if nothing else).

The art and colors are nice overall. There’s no excessive nudity, or boob shots, or violence. There’s some violence, but it’s in the tone of the story and isn’t gory and gross.

Sci-fi fans who like slow builds and are looking for a story vs. out and out actions will probably like this.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

You can find more about this title, including how to order it, here

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