Vampironica #1 – First Blood

Story: Greg and Meg Smallwood
Lettered: Jack Morelli
Art: Greg Smallwood
Published: Archie Comics Publications 

In another story of the Archie gang for the horror lovers, Veronica is a vampire. After Archie passes on a date night with Veronica for Betty, Veronica pushes Reggie into a date. When she walks into her study to say goodbye to her parents, she sees that they are dead. A stranger emerges (who eerily looks like Spike from Buffy) and attacks Veronica biting her neck. He means to kill her but she escapes. Any person familiar with vampire lore knows that if a vampire bites you but doesn’t kill you, you will become one. Now Veronica is a vampire, what will become of her social life?

These Archie horror series are promising to be really good. You have a new telling of Sabrina (more of her being a witch), Jughead is a werewolf and now Veronica is a vampire. Greg and Meg Smallwood do not reinvent the wheel with the intro comic to this series. I get a little Buffy vibe, but there is still the old Riverdale gang included with the story. Veronica is still the snobby rich girl, but now she has to deal with being a vampire. I enjoyed this beginning story, I think it is definitely worth continuing.

Greg Smallwood plays double duty as he is the artist for the comic as well. I love the look of this comic, it has a pulp, retro magazine look to it. I love to see the very raw expressions on the character’s faces. Smallwood’s art throughout these pages are gorgeous, it carries the story along even though it is just a glimpse of things to come.

I LOVE THIS SERIES! I never thought I would be Archie’s fan, but the writing and the art, especially the horror series, is making a special place in my heart. This comic is worthy of your time! Vampironica is on sale now, go get it. 5 stars.

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