Vampblade Season 2 #6+7

With the new space vampire hybrid threat, Katie must seek help from her sworn enemy… Zombie Tramp! But they also need the help of another unlikely ally… DollFace!!

Ah ha! I knew that the last issue had to be leading up to these next two. I mean, that’s not a big revelation or anything, but it’s good that they made the connection clear enough to catch it. That being said, we start on the “Road to Danger Doll Squad” with issues six and seven of Vampblade.

Try to keep up, as even I’m not sure I completely followed along with what happened here. Directly following the last issue, Janey aka Zombie Tramp is still searching for Katie aka Vampblade and ends up being the reason she makes it back to Earth. Much to Janey’s chagrin, she needs Katie’s help to stop the new hybrid threat of the space vamps empowered by the Necronomicon. They’re going to need even more help though and that’s where Lila aka Dollface comes in. This time, it’s Lila who’s upset at having to work with Janey and those two get into their own fight. Hopefully they can all calm down for a bit, otherwise this is going to be a difficult team up for them all. That is, once they find Vampblade who seems to have vanished during the melee.

While the story may have had me scratching my head a bit, the artwork simply had me staring. It’s pretty much the fun and exciting visual candy of all three titles squished into one book. Barely a moment ever goes by without some kind of action packed page when these three are alone. Now with their combined title, there’s enough hacking and slashing, slaying, magic or explosive effects that would even make Michael Bay look tame. No matter my feelings on the story itself, I’ll be more than satisfied with what I’m looking at.

Perhaps I’m catching this at a bad time in the middle of the three titles that are brought together, but I had a hard time placing it with some current events. I’ve been eager to read this since it first got announced though, so I’m going to take it for what it is for now. Whether you’re a fan of all three or just select titles that bring this squad together, it’s a great ride for anyone to jump onto.

For more information on Vampblade or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

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