Vampblade #9+10

Now that Katie’s figured out she can control the appearance of the Vampblade costume, its time for an all new look inspired by one of her favorite comic books! She’s still got two blades and a thirst for TSD’s (translucent space d!@#s – aka space vampires), but now she’s rockin’ a crazy mercenary vibe too!! Features 3 regular and risqué variants showcasing the all new Vampblade costume!!

As long as it’s done right, I enjoy whenever a title can work in some sort of reference or homage to another piece of pop culture. Even just the slightest mention, or sometimes a straight out visual reference are always fun to spot. In issues nine and ten of Vampblade, we get to see a little of that amusing crossover with our favorite space vampire hunter.

Since she took on the reigns as Vampblade, Katie has been through quite a lot already. She has started to get more used to it though, and has now learned how to control the way her typically minimal costume looks. After a few different choices, she eventually lands on the “Vamp-pool” look and takes this new costume for a test run. This bloodfest has her ending up in an apartment full of space suckers, and actually gets captured. Before her captors can get very far though, she is rescued by none other than the writer of Vampblade himself, and even does so by wielding one of the blades. Once in relative safety, he takes some time to explain how the short lived comic may actually help Katie in her quest to take down the vampires.

There was definitely a plentiful amount of slice and dice and gore to go along with it that we’re more than accustomed to at this point. Naturally though, the appeal for the artwork came with the rendition of the different costumes that Katie tried out. The combination of Vampblade with everything from Batman to Spiderman was rather badass and I thoroughly enjoyed that new addition to the art.

I had a great time reading these two most recent issues, and not even just for all those fun costume changes. Adding in the actual writer of the very persona of the character our hero takes on was a fantastic move. I can’t wait to see how the story progresses with this new momentum and of course that mysterious ending that begs you to read on.


For more information on Vampblade or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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