Vampblade #12

This is it!!! It’s time for our blade-wielding heroine to reveal another all-new costume… and conclude her first year as the other-dimensional space vampire huntress by night (and comic shop owner by day)! Will super-geek Katie Carva survive and continue on as the Vampblade, or will someone new pick up the mantle?!?

No, say it isn’t so! Is this really the end for Katie aka Vampblade?! After what I’d say was a very successful run, it is the end of this first series at least. The twelfth issue of Vampblade is only concluding year one, but it does with quite a bang.

Our resident alien vamp slayer Katie goes up against a foe she can barely stand up to. This all changes when she dons another Vampblade costume and completely turns the tables. Now, by “costume” I mean the blades basically meld with her, and she’s practically living metal. This latest enemy goes down hard, as does the orbital vamp center, and the world is saved. For now.

There was the obvious amount of nasty slayage in this issue, but that wasn’t the star of the art. In my opinion at least, this sick new Katie/Vampblades union was awesome looking. I’m really hoping (and assuming) we’ll be seeing more of that with season two.

After the slightly slower issue we got last time, this more than made up for it. Readers would expect a lot in the first season finale, but it did its job extremely well. I will thirst like the Vampblades for season two, and think everyone should be hunting down the first twelve books.


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