Vampblade #11

As Katie’s search for the new Vampblade costume continues, will one giant blade give this warrior angel enough nerve to take on the latest and greatest other-dimensional foe?!? It’s Vampblade 2.0 – harder, faster, stranger!!!

This series has always been a blast from the very beginning and is still going strong. This current arc has really added in some flavor with all the pop culture references and homages. Issue number eleven of Vampblade continues to throw them in and I’m sure it won’t let up.

Using stealth with both her Vampblade suit and clothes she finds, Katie makes her way into the vamp building. Unfortunately, she finds nothing and plays the waiting game, including a rather awkward encounter with a guard. The wait eventually turns to action as a previous foe bursts in and a duel begins, complete with anime Vampblade.

With the bulk of the action being at the end, most of the issue had to rely on the good artwork to carry it. Luckily, that’s really never been a problem for this series and it looks just as good without fights and gore. I also have to say, Katie certainly pulls off the high end business fashion look well, especially with the glasses.

This was a slower issue for Vampblade, which we have to expect, but it didn’t hurt the series. We still got a little fighting, some more fun suits, and it’s still a great book. I love the idea of getting to choose the next season’s costume, and can’t wait to see what the fans decide.


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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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