Unleashed #2 (Grimm Fairy Tales #85)

Having been resurrected from the dead, Belinda joins forces
with Sela and the other Hunters in order to put a stop the Being and his evil
schemes.  Still unsure of Belinda’s true
intentions, Sela accepts her help and calls upon a reluctant guardian to aid
their quest to find the Being.  Grimm
Fairy Tales #85 continues the Unleashed saga, forming unlikely alliances in
order to stop the greatest evil they’ve ever known.
Like with the Dream Eater Saga, Unleashed spills over into
other Zenescope titles so that it’s not just contained within its own
side-story.  This storyline is definitely
going to have consequences and having issues from the main Zenescope titles
tie-in to the event shows how much these other books are going to be
affected.  So, it looks like Belinda is
back, but not quite as bad as she was before. 
In fact she’s offered to help Sela in order to make amends for all that
she had done before.  Perhaps it was
Belinda’s self-sacrifice that redeemed her, or maybe something else
entirely.  Now, with the aid of a former
enemy and the support of her re-united team of hunters, Sela sets out for the
floating fortress down in Antarctica, hoping to bring them all one step closer
to finding the Being.  The Hunters are
about to engage in a battle that will determine whether or not they have what
it takes to bring down this new evil that’s spreading across the world.
I gotta say, the thing I liked most about this issue was
Belinda.  Throughout the Grimm Fairy
Tales series and all of its offshoots, we’ve gotten see different aspects of
Belinda’s past and present and it doesn’t exactly hold up well in her
favor.  Deceit, betrayal and revenge have
been the names of her game for so very long that it took a sudden act of
self-sacrifice to finally show her the light. 
This is one complex character in that getting herself killed is the only
way to give her some sense of regret for her previous actions.  Evidence suggests that in no way should Sela
trust Belinda in any way, but as we’re now seeing in this issue, Belinda is
truly trying to make amends.  I see
Belinda in the same light as I do Anakin Skywalker or even Vegeta (if memory
serves me right).  All of them suddenly
saw the folly of their ways through the actions of one much worse than
themselves and in turn, threw themselves into the line of fire and defended the
one they had been fighting.  Sure, there
are a lot of deaths on their hands, but their now going to use their strengths
for the greater good in order to make up for they had done.  Which is why I’ve grown more fond of
Belinda.  The bravery she had shown
through her death and even more so through her humility towards Sela really let
me believe in this character.  So, good
on you Pat for giving this reformed villain a second chance.
As it goes with a lot of the Zenescope books I review, there
wasn’t anything in this issue that I didn’t approve of.  It’s a special double-sized issue, full of magic,
monsters and mayhem with quite a bit of death thrown in for good measure.  The art was pretty tight and the story really
pushed the event forward.  Plus Belinda
has returned and the world could always use more redheads.

With her former adversary and her team of otherworldly
fighters in place, Sela is ready to take on Samira’s fortress.  Being such a loose-cannon in the past, it’s
hard to really tell where Belinda’s loyalties lie, but perhaps it’s finally
time for her to shine.  Sela and Belinda,
what a combo those two will make.  So,
for a good read and more insight into what’s to become of everyone during
Unleashed, go out and grab this book because once it’s gone, it won’t return
like Belinda has.  For more info on where
to pick up this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are 100% those of the individual reviewer.

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