Unity #0

Writer Matt Kindt gives us an
interesting glance into the past of the Unity team in Unity #0, detailing one of the first teams to be brought together
under the “Unity” moniker – back then, however, the group was known as Unit Y.
Taking place during World War 1, Unity #0 introduces the original Unit Y
team: a pacifist computer genius named Breaker, a quick-thinking inventor named
Dell, a lethal and vengeful warrior named Alpha, and, of course Gilad
Anni-Padda – the “Eternal Warrior.” Unit Y faces their last, most important,
mission, as the outcome of their endeavors heavily impact the outcome of the
war. Throughout the issue, a somber rumination provided by Gilad details his
inner monologue, his thoughts on eternity, and the inevitable rise of new
Needless to say, Unity #0 carries heavy weight.
However, it handles the weight with
grace. I fell in love with these characters and their interactions. Though only
hinted at, readers can glean backstories from how they the team members play
off each other. Quick jokes establish camaraderie, and brief mentions of
characteristics – like Alpha’s rather violent disposition – develops each and
every one of the members’ personalities. We can clearly see the thought put
into each character, which makes it even more powerful to see this issue
through to the very end.
And for such a rewarding read, it’s
impressive that the team behind this comic managed to pull it off in only 24
pages. It begins quickly and ends quickly, moving forward with a momentum much
like what Unit Y must have faced in each one of their own missions. Fans of
Unity will definitely appreciate this origin story of sorts, but that does not
mean this issue should be exclusive to hardcore fans. Being a single,
self-contained story, any reader can pick this up and give it a read, which I
highly recommend.
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