UltraBot Go Go Go!

Tom Sachi (creator), John Ward (creator, writer), Jason Williams (art, letters, logo), Lee Milewski (colors)

UltraBot Go Go Go! is a retro action packed comic book homage that harks back to the fantastic Japanese/manga action comics of the 1960’s.

This action comic is really what it says on the tin: an action comic. There’s not a lot of deep substance or serious character development. There’s a friendly bantering relationship between the two main characters – Fenwick, a human consciousness housed within a giant robot, and Simon, the scientist who put him there. There are only a few panels of backstory to explain Fenwick, and the overall “plot” hints at discord between the US, Russia, and China.

Mostly, though, this book is a celebration of old manga. The art is stylistically similar (though more dynamic) to old robot action manga. There’s more action than plot, and the story arc is complete, instead of hanging on for more to come like a comic series were.

Those who are feeling nostalgic for the type of comic this book pays homage to will probably enjoy it.

3 out of 5 stars.

You can find more about this title at the Facebook page here.

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