UFOlogy 2

Following the disaster at the abandoned house, the bodies of Eustace and “the stranger” are examined while Becky lies in a hospital bed, wishing she could forget everything that happened. Malcolm knows there’s something bigger going on, though, and is eager to investigate.

The second installment of Ufology picks up pretty much where the first issue left off.  Becky is in the hospital after surviving the burning of the abandoned house that took the life of her unfortunate date, and the enigmatic alien.. We see a few vague hints about the past of Mukagwee, and that this has happened before.  There is a mysterious figure covered in implants, that wakes up and receives marching orders.  Our heroine receives a few visitors, including her father who reveals the name of the dead date, Eustace.  It meant a lot to me that the kid finally get a name.

We see the mysterious figure lurking outside Becky’s hospital room, but learn nothing  little more about him.  Meanwhile, Malcom is trying to snap some picture of the dead, Eustace only to get busted by his chirping cell phone.  Malcom’s teacher tries to reason with his father, who is very high from an overabundance of marijuana.  It’s suggested that they both know something about what happened in the town all the years ago, but nothing definitive comes out.  This issue wraps up with Malcom discovering some very alien looking conglomerations of junk.

This is a good story, that moves at a slow pace. It follows the age old blue print of government conspiracy to cover up the presence of alien life on Earth.  The pace is much slower than I would prefer, but hints at building action in the issues to come. The art seems to have matured a little and individual characters are much more defined.  The alien mark the Becky gets from her encounter in the abandoned house really pops off the page.  This is for all the X-file fans out there who don’t’ mind a story that creeps along at a slow pace.

For more information about Ufology or other great offerings from Boom! Studios, visit their website:  BOOM! Studios.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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