Twisted Dark Vol 1

Enter the darker side of humanity with Neil Gibson (Tabatha, Theatrics, Twisted Light) in this first volume of best-selling series Twisted Dark. 11 interconnected tales explore the themes of loss, hate, revenge and death, opening the path to a twistingly addictive universe that keeps readers guessing…

I have to admit, just the title of this had me intrigued, which says a lot.  Not everyone can appreciate short stories, but I certainly enjoy a good story that packs a punch quickly.  Sometimes that kind of story just needs to be mixed into your assortment of reading, and Twisted Dark supplies plenty just in the first volume.

It would take up far too much of your time, and in the end probably ruin the stories themselves if I tried to sum up each one.  How much can you really condense a short story more than it is?  Instead, I’ll say this much – every single one is brilliantly written and has such perfectly dark endings.  Some seem innocent at first, but rest assured, none of them are.

There was a pretty sizable team that put together all the art for the book.  With this of course comes quite an assortment of styles, all of which did a great job of illustrating these dark tales.  I’m not sure whether it was done on purpose, but the black and white treatment to everything lends a further twisted feeling.  One thing I specifically appreciate was the cover, which you’ll understand as you near the end.

Even if you don’t have a twisted, dark mind (yes I went there), you can still enjoy the genius of these short stories.  The best part about books like this is you can read a few, take a break and come back to them.  I was hooked from the beginning though and read right through, which I imagine you will if you grab it, which you absolutely should.

For more on Twisted Dark or other titles, check out Neil Gibson Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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