Tunnel Tail

• Tunnel Tail is a new free mobile gaming app available on the App Store and Google Play™.
• The action-packed Tunnel Tail app is completely free – all characters, all levels.
• Tunnel Tail takes the player underground where mouse tribes struggle with the dark forces of the Lumini who seek to destroy both the mouse and human worlds. The player is the last hope the mice have to finally win their freedom.
• Tunnel Tail is the latest release from the developers at Schell Games.
• You can find more information about Tunnel Tail, along with fun activities, at tunneltail.com or by visiting Tunnel Tail on Facebook or YouTube.

I first learned about this game when I was Austin attending Wizard World Austin. It’s hard to resist stopping at a booth where they have a large television playing their game trailer. On top of that, they had tables stacked high with t-shirts. I stopped and had a great time talking with the gentleman at the table, who was both passionate and excited about this game. I couldn’t resist. I downloaded it then and there (and walked away with a shirt for doing so) and promised to review it the first opportunity that we had.

Now, since this game is totally kid friendly (if you’re ok with your child playing fighting games), I also downloaded it to the iPad and let my 11 year old check it out.  His take on the game:

“It’s good. 5 stars. 9.5/10. It’s an action role playing game with a cool setup that’s pretty easy to learn.”
Yep, he was clearly feeling extra cooperative at the time of this review. From a parent’s perspective..any game that can hold an 11 year old’s attention for a good chunk of his allotted game time must be a good game.

From an adult’s perspective…I can’t disagree with anything he said. I don’t generally love playing games on my phone, but even this one is simple enough that I have no problem. The graphics are fun and the game play is simple but not so simple that you get easily bored.  If I have one complaint it’s that we can’t have multiple profiles. This means that his account is set on the iPad and mine is set on the phone. I would much prefer that we could play this on a variety of devices with the same account or at least have the option of having multiple profiles on the same device. I do appreciate though that there is a semi-multiplayer function that allows you to “borrow” mice from a friend’s burrow which is pretty handy.

Overall, if you like cute and fun games that involve saving the world and involve battling against the powers of evil, download this game. It won’t cost you anything to check it out and you just might like it.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this game in exchange for this review. However, you can get the game free too! All comments, thoughts and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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