Journalism is just a gun. It’s only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that’s all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world.

Spider Jerusalem is crass, offensive, and needlessly vulgar. He’ll shoot the President of the United States with a Bowel Disruptor, laughing as he sets the gun to “prolapse”. He’ll stare directly into the face of trans-humanism and tell it that it sucks. While you can easily argue with his methods, you can’t argue with his results. Fame and money mean nothing to Spider, the wealth of the world only serves to anger him. Spider seeks the Truth.

A futuristic Hunter S. Thompson, Spider wades through a city stuffed to the brim with the worst things that writer Warren Ellis can think of in search of one thing: the American Dream. He cuts through the bullshit like a knife, writing about what’s really going on in this futuristic America. With nothing more than a phone call, Spider will convince the host of a television show to commit suicide (due to her lack of finesse in New Zealand cuisine). Simply covering a riot results in the police beating him half to death.

Though started in 1997, Transmetropolitan is more relevant now than ever. An election’s coming up, and both sides are scrambling the airwaves with whatever will get them votes. Friendships are being torn apart thanks to “us vs. them”. Your parents may vote red, and you may vote blue.

All we really have is each other. Wade past the 24 hour news cycle, discover the bones of what you believe. And most importantly, love thy neighbor.

“I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

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