Tomb Raider Volume 1: Season of the Witch TPB

Lara and the other survivors of the Endurance are
experiencing horrific visions after their ordeal in the lost kingdom of
Yamatai. But the visions lead to a darker fate . . . Can Lara survive the
calamities that await her as she struggles to piece this new mystery, and her
life, back together?
I would have to say a fairly good percentage of people,
gamers or not, have some familiarity with the bigger video game characters.  Although not up there with the likes of Mario
or Sonic, Lara Croft  or more likely “Tomb
Raider” has a decent chance of ringing a bell. 
Having actually played and thoroughly enjoying the recent prequel Tomb
Raider title, I was really looking forward to reading Tomb Raider Volume 1:
Season of the Witch.
For those who know Lara but haven’t checked it out, the
last game release is a very different look at Lara.  Once you start this collection of the first six
issues of the comic, you’ll see how literal I mean that.  Without ruining too much of the game or this
book, this extension of the story sees Lara unexpectedly caught up in the aftermath
of the game’s events.  Yet again she has
to face off against a group of people up to no good in a quest for power,
having to save those close to her in the midst of it.
Whenever you have to visually adapt work from one medium
to another, there’s always going to be some level of expectation for the
fans.  Knowing what Lara and her crew
looked like in the game, I think the team pulled if off well here.  The line art in these comics is super clean,
and although it doesn’t jump out at you, the color work is well done.
As you would think, playing the game does certainly help
with familiarity and making this more of a continuation to the story.  Both the writing and the artwork were
definitely successful in making it feel like a natural next chapter for the
game.  Even if you don’t know anything
about Lara and her most recent (or technically first) adventure, this is a fun
one to newly experience.  Either way,
this is a fun book for both Tomb Raider and comic fans alike.

For more on Tomb Raider Volume 1: Season of the Witch or
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Tomb Raider Volume
1: Season of the Witch will be available 11/19

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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