Titans Tactics

Titans Tactics is a 2 player tactical skirmish game from Imbalanced Games.  It boasts heavy strategy in a 30 min game, along with near infinite replay value.

The core game comes with 30 different Champion characters, with 5 different unique factions.  At the start of the game each player selects a faction, and from that faction they select only 3 Champions to use.  It’s this selection process that gives the game such variety, as each faction has a different tactical focus, and each Champion has their own set of perks and powers.

Once you have your Champions selected, each player places a wall on the board, followed by their Champions.  The players then alternately activate one Champion at a time, moving, attacking, using special powers, etc.

The scoring in Titans Tactics in interesting.  Rather then trying to kill off the opposing Champions, or a straight player vs player point system, the game has a balance token.  When you deal damage you move the balance token towards your goal, when you opponent deals damage they move it towards their goal, in a sort of combat tug-o-war. At the end of each round the player that has the balance token closest to their goal gets a momentum point.  The player that either does enough damage to reach their goal, or who gains three momentum point, wins.

The game claims to play in about 30 minutes and while I’m sure this is realistic, I wouldn’t bank on it for your first few games.  While the rules are simple, the uniqueness of each champion may result in a slightly higher then average learning curve for new players.  We took more like 45 minutes to an hour, but we were also chatting a bit.

The game’s website is chalked full of useful things.  Including rules, alternate rule sets, an faq, tournament materials, and more.  One piece of advice with the website.  Don’t use Safari.  There is a popup on the site that lets you preview all the Champion cards, it’s suppose to be off on the side, but in Safari it shows up right in the middle of the screen blocking everything.

To add even more variety into things, you can also pick up the Champions expansion set.  The expansion adds 3 more champions to each faction, and included some interesting expanded “Hardcore” rules.

My only regret about Titans Tactics, is that I don’t know that I’ll get to play it as often as I’d like to. It’s a two player game, and I rarely end up with only one other player.  But next time I end up in that situation, I will certainly be pulling this game out again.

You can find Titans Tactics online here: http://www.titanstactics.com

They are on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/TitansTactics


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