Tiger Lung

Thirty-five thousand years ago, the world was ruled by
strange beasts and ancient gods! For some Paleolithic tribes, hope lay in the
shaman warriors who stood between them and the unknown. Tiger Lung follows the
struggle of one of these shamans to keep his people alive in a vast, hostile
There is so much about the everyday lives of our
ancestors from the “caveman” era we just can’t know for sure.  Granted, we can deduce enough about it to
allow us to try and think about the primitive existence.  What about things that science most likely won’t
look into?  That’s exactly what is
explored in Tiger Lung and it’s probably far more interesting than what you
read in Ancient History class.
Within pages of this prehistoric setting, we follow three
separate stories of a shaman by the name of Tiger Lung.  The first story is a collection of three Dark Horse Presents issues which show us
Tiger earning his place as a shaman within his tribe.  This along with the two additional stories as
you would imagine feature a lot of interaction with the supernatural, mostly
spirits and beings from nature.  How much
of this is based on fact from that time is really up for debate, but it does
give us a glimpse of what humans at least believed back then.
 Although we have
three different stories within, Simon Roy takes charge as both writer and
artist on all of them.  With color
assists by Jason Wordie on two of the three tales, the pair of artists gives a
good look into this ancient world.  Whether
the rougher style was specifically used here I can’t say for sure, but it
definitely works well here.  Sketches and
designs at the end were as always a welcome bonus.
Having just read another
based in a primitive world, it was fun seeing this darker side of how
things may have been back then.  Again, whether
you believe shamans used to face off against evil spirits is for everyone to
decide on their own.  Either way, I can
at least help you decide on if you should grab this book by saying that you
For more on Tiger Lung or other Dark Horse titles, check
out Dark Horse Comics.
Tiger Lung will be
available 12/3

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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