The Wonderboy Serials : Season 1

“Who will save us from Wonderboy?”

A lone man with extraordinary powers is responsible for the longest sustained global peace in modern history. Though worshiped for toppling brutal regimes, wiping out crime, and cleaning up financial institutions, dark realizations about Wonderboy threaten to unravel his hold on the public imagination.

A modern reinvention of the serialized dime store novel, the “Wonderboy” series examines the real-world implications of an all-powerful superhero from many perspectives such as a brilliant supervillian wasting away in a maximum security prison and a feminist blogger determined to expose the truth about Wonderboy to an adoring public.  Issue one introduces a world so dependent on Wonderboy that whispers of corruption and misogyny are silenced by forces bent on maintaining the pristine legacy of the world’s greatest protector.

The Good
It’s always a strong indication of how good a book is when you feel the constant urge to continue reading it, even when you shouldn’t be.  That is very much the case with Wonderboy.  I really had a tough time pulling away from this book.  It’s not your typical superhero story, and this unique approach  is wonderful.  We get this world from many angles, yet the reader is never lost seeing through another character’s eyes.  Normally I don’t like cliffhangers, but the ending of each chapter left me anxious and I just wanted to read on.

The Bad
If I had anything bad to say, it’s that it takes a little while to gain momentum.  Once it does though, it really kicks into gear and makes you push on faster.

The Summary
This is a fantastic read, and I cannot wait to acquire the next chapters.  The Wonderboy stories are definitely ones that I suggest be purchased.  Whether you’re a superhero fan or not doesn’t really matter, this series is a good read for pretty much anyone.  I don’t often re-read things, but I would certainly enjoy this again.

For more information on Charles Martin and Will Weinke or their work, check out Literati Press.

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