The Witcher: Fox Children 2

While the crew of the Prophet ponders what terrible fate will befall them as recompense for their wickedness, a supernatural storm strikes the cursed vessel! When the tempest forces the ship up a strange and deadly river, Geralt must use all of his witcher cunning if he hopes to survive!

This is part two in a four-part series. Therefore, this isn’t a starting place – you really need to have read the first one in order for this one to make sense. That said, the continuation of the story is done very well. The book is only 25 pages long, and it has a decent amount of story in that time. It doesn’t drag too slowly, and it doesn’t cram too much in. It does hook the reader pretty well. Having read two of these now, I’m invested in finishing the story, despite never having touched any Witcher things before this series.

The fantasy setting could use some fleshing out, but that’s really a minor complaint. The antagonist here – a monster called a vulpess – has some neat abilities, though there’s a bit of lazy writing around refusing to actually explain said abilities. The high fantasy setting doesn’t fall into the trap of using too antiquated language, most of the time, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that there’s no use of a damsel in distress. Nothing here falls under super common tropes, making it a refreshing type of fantasy.

The art remains consistent, and very well-drawn overall as well. I would recommend this series to high fantasy fans.

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